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Locksmiths Edinburgh City are practitioners of the unique science of creating, repairing, and cracking of all forms of locks and other unique security systems. Modern locks come in many different forms from simple key operated locks to combination locks and high tech electronic locks. An expert locksmith must be thoroughly familiar with the many different types of locks and security devices in order to be truly effective.

Our genuine expert locksmiths are able to install and repair all kinds of locks and even safes. We are also experts at installing and repairing electronic alarm and surveillance systems. However, we are best known for getting people into their homes, businesses, or cars when they have locked themselves out. If people have lost their keys, we are able to replace or even re-key their current locks for them. Sometimes we are called upon because the customer's locks are jammed or damaged. No matter the problem we can take care of you with care and quick work. At our company we take the Locksmithing profession very seriously, and it shows.

Edinburgh's Locksmith Specialists

Our locksmith service is all about giving our customers the best protection that they need and deserve. You can see that all of our locksmiths are highly trained professionals right away because they have great dexterity and coordination while working. They are also trained to have strong communication and customer service skills. We take great pride in what we do, and in order to work properly with our customers and other security professionals we always adhere to our extensive training and strict code.

We understand that this business is all about being able to create and develop a group of naturally talented, highly motivated, and highly skilled technicians that work on your important property. We only employ the best locksmiths and our highly trained customer representatives are always helpful, courteous and ready to help you with all of your concerns and questions.

Our great company is backed by its years of excellent service and high customer satisfaction. This is what makes us number one!

  • 24 hour/365 days a year
  • 25 years in Security Industry
  • Established 12 years
  • 1 hour response
  • No call out charges
  • OAP/Student Discounts
  • Free estimates/surveys


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